Top 8 Graphic Design Software For Beginners

We agree that a little design is needed on your set of skills! A little design here and there will fix a lot of problems in no time. Whether online or offline, designing business cards or logos, pamphlets, product packaging, websites or much more graphic design holds the leading requirement everywhere.  Knowing how to use the graphic design software as efficiently as possible can be a little overwhelming for a rookie. The more intuitive and user-friendly the software is, the faster you will learn and enjoy creating outstanding designs.

If you want to become a graphic designer, or intend to become a graphic designer, then in this article today we will offer a listing of the best graphic design software for the people who intend to get big in the industry. Since a graphic designer it’s your job to have a great hand on these instruments.



Lunacy is a next-gen vector graphic software for UI, UX, and web design. It has everything you are used to in other similar apps and goes beyond. Created by designers for designers to focus on the workflow and minimize distractions. No more wasting time surfing the internet for graphics or switching apps to remove backgrounds, or thinking placeholder texts! Lunacy has it all and even more. Faster than Figma, smarter than Sketch!

Inside Lunacy, you will find some handy tools that will save you tons of time: Background remover — get rid of photo backgrounds in one click Image upscaler — enlarge images and enhance their resolution Avatar generator — instantly create user avatars when designing contact lists, chats, testimonial carousels and things alike Text generator — forget about lorem ipsum and add meaningful copy to your designs in one click: names, job titles, cities, phone and credit card numbers, and more.

Lunacy comes with built-in graphics: Icons Photos Illustrations You can use this content for free if you set a link to Icons8 in your final work. Or you can subscribe to one of our paid plans and forget about linking. Lunacy is absolutely free for personal and commercial use.


Beginners can build a clear graphic without even attending any design course or working with professional designers. Photoshop is the most favored design tools for use by graphic designers and freelancers. This tool works with most popular software, including Maya and zBrush. Aside from having the ability to prevent unwanted objects from being in the image, it enables you to erase them, clone objects, fix the look of your photo, and a lot more. Photoshop Elements is advised for an already intermediate level in photoediting. We take the beginners to start with Photoshop Elements as it likely is the least high-level program out there, which means it’s excellent for a straightforward image editing. You can Laptop CS6 version at a tad later stage as a result of its more sophisticated alternatives. Photoshop is extremely powerful for made it possible to complete nearly any desired image editing job.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is not only good as a tool for making vector drawings, but it is also an outstanding tool for logo design, creating complex illustrations for videos or mobile devices, and playing with design typography. This software comes with a set of plugins that enable transforming a blank surface into an attractive web page.  The Adobe Illustrator software can be called the graphic designers’ right hand. With various Illustrator software by programs like gradients, dots and fills, you can add more organic feel for your vector artwork with this application. Even though a graphic designer’s scope of work may not be static in today’s world, Illustrator ultimately helps him fulfill all his diverse roles by offering a singular package by itself. It is very easy to use Illustrator and with very little work, you can become an expert from a novice.


GIMP is one of the highest end graphics creation programs available and can help you produce highly professional looking graphics on a budget. GNU Image Manipulation Program is called the professional version of GIMP and is quite the appropriate option for graphic designers and technological departments as well.  The great thing about GIMP is that if you have even slight understanding of Photoshop, you can incorporate your images from the Photoshop editor and best quality them. For seasoned users, this can be the best extendible trial hand as it is free and open source graphic design software that can be used for everything from photo synthesis to metallic layer enhancement. Often called”free Photoshop”, it is not as comprehensive as Adobe Photoshop, yet it is a wonderful opportunity to discover using different editing applications such as the scope of pupil tutorials out there. You won t need much time to learn the better functions of this program, and there are many other tools you can use to learn better step by step.


In case you were searching online for an internet graphics editor that will enable you draw your ideas, you’ll need to try CorelDraw, a vector computer drawing program that comes with tonnes of accessible features for novices. CorelDraw contains many capabilities and has an awesome amount of usability, so you have an opportunity to quickly enhance your editing abilities. Even the pros trust in this software application, and it is virtually the same thing as Photoshop in terms of each feature set and ease of use. Recently, CorelDRAW has also added extrusion capabilities that enable the displacement of objects and shading them individually. These extra features can enhance the learning environment for students who are new to the subject.

Adobe Indesign

This computer software allows you to personalize both offline and online material, so it looks practical and perfect, and always makes a great first impression. Adobe InDesign is the most widely used program for beginners and can be used to create clean table designs for desktop computers and portable devices. The large selection of features present in InDesign makes every designer’s work more fun. Beginners looking for software with a wealth of fundamental design features may benefit from utilizing this program.  InDesign can help you make many different things, from creating basic cards to making impressive brochures. It can help you with almost anything from producing simple pamphlets to making impressive calendars or business cards. All beginners should give it a try before attempting to land in the graphic design ocean.


Inkscape is very user-friendly vector art drawing software that’s free, and it has a large assortment of designs to choose from if you’re looking for artistic inspiration. The great point about this software is that its indigenous file format is SVG (scalable vector graphic), making it very simple to utilize by somebody who is a novice in creating high-quality vector designs. If you are knowledgeable about Adobe Illustrator, you’ll be able to work with Inkscape without much trouble, since a lot of its software is comparable to that of Adobe pro. The pixel- -accurate tools and simple interface help you find the right balance between work and play.

Graphic design software are invented and designed to cater to the requirements of a number of groups of people. It ‘s a good idea for a novice to acquire the right one in order to easily put their thoughts into reality. If you’re able to simplify the learning stage in real time, you’re able to stand out as a professional in the graphic design world.



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